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Biography of Pascale Mercier

The Journey of a Painter

Pascale is an artist influenced by the great masters of Impressionism and Fauvism, she plays with pleasure on a palette rich in colors!

Over the years she developed her own style, mixing materials and techniques to create her own writing. Emotion is the thread of his work.

Her experiments give her a great freedom of expression, away from the didacts of contemporary art, she navigates between figurative and abstract, passing from one to the other with virtuosity, maintaining an intimate dialogue with both genres. A happiness that is easily felt when reading each of his works.

With this experience, Pascale now offers creative workshops for young and old, which allows it to share its passions for creation and human contact.

A quote that befits this artist: "Art is the shortest way from man to man" André Malraux.

Pascale Mercier painting artist

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